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Like NEW Boston Studio Upright Piano – $5990

Steinway wanted to offer their dealers an affordable alternative to a pricey Steinway upright piano.  With the idea of creating a piano brand called “Boston” Steinway understood they needed to rely upon a proven piano manufacturer, with a respected name in the marketplace.   Since 1927 Kawai earned a well-deserved reputation for constructing some of the world’s finest pianos, in Japan.  It is easy to understand why  Steinway chose Kawai in 1992 to build their Boston line of pianos.

Japanese workmanship is synonymous with precise execution and attention to the most minute detail.  While Boston pianos are naturally equivalent to their Kawai counterparts, Boston pianos tend to be more expensive than Kawai.  This is due to the fact that there is an additional layer of markup, as Kawai does not build the Boston pianos out of the kindness of their heart. Kawai charges Steinway a sizable premium to construct the Boston. This additional layer of markup must then be passed on to the consumer.

A new Boston studio piano of this size retails for just under $10,000. At just $5,990 this is an incredible opportunity for someone to own a fine Japanese instrument for a small fraction of the new cost. If you are searching for a Yamaha U1, Yamaha U3, Kawai K300, Steinway upright piano, in the greater Tampa Bay area, you should certainly put this piano on your must-see list!