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Kawai Parlor Grand Piano – Same Size As GL-30 – Did You Know Kawai Builds Pianos For STEINWAY!?!? – just $12,500!

For nearly a century Kawai has constructed some of the world’s finest pianos in Japan.  Kawai is commonly referred to as the engineer’s piano of choice. This is due to the fact that Kawai was able to solve for the sticky key and sluggish action, due to fluctuation in temperature and humidity decades ago.  

Kawai use of a high grade material, ABS styran which revolutionized and forever changed the piano industry!  Under fracture load analysis Kawai’s flange was shown to be 50% stronger than the traditional wooden action like that found in a Yamaha, Steinway, Boston or Essex. 
Additionally, Kawai’s action was shown in scientific testing to resist swelling and contraction, due to moisture over thirty times better than any of its competitors; making Kawai the clear favorite amongst Florida piano buyers. 
Make Steinway’s choice your choice, choose Kawai!  Since 1991, and every year since Steinway has chosen Kawai to help them build their complete Boston line of pianos.  
Here is a quick thought experiment:
Would Kawai, a company which derives 100% of their annual revenue from manufacturing one product, pianos, agree to build a piano for their chief rival, in a superior fashion?  Of course not!  You guessed it, Steinway’s Boston line has just the standard wood and does NOT have Kawai’s most technologically advanced action! 
A new GL-30 parlor grand piano retails for nearly $35,000. This 5’5” Japanese made parlor grand piano is a remarkable value at just $12,500!  
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