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Beautiful STEINWAY & SONS Baby Grand Piano – $9,900

This gorgeous Steinway piano was reconditioned in the early 2000s. It is in remarkable condition. New a Steinway baby grand of this size would cost roughly $70,000 in Tampa Bay.

Your friends will never know you spent just a small fraction of the new cost when they gaze upon this exquisite preowned piece in your home.

Dave’s Piano Showroom can also add a invisible, automatic player system. This will allow the user to operate the piano using a tablet, phone or laptop. Control the volume remotely up and down, stream music 24/7 for free from PianoDisc’s commercial free stations, watch live concerts of your favorite artist on TV, with the piano part being performed in perfect sync. All of this and so much more are capabilities of the Prodigy IQ system by PianoDisc!

Beautiful STEINWAY & SONS Baby Grand Piano - $14,500 STEINWAY & SONS STEINWAY & SONS Baby Grand Piano