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Beautiful Boston Baby Grand Piano – Like NEW only $12,500!

Since 1992 Kawai, piano manufacturer since 1927, has constructed the Boston series of pianos for Steinway. This is an excellent choice for those who always wanted to own a Steinway (there is a huge insignia on the piano’s plate that boasts Steinway’s affiliation) but cringed at the thought of parting with a small fortune.

Speaking of small fortune, this piano sells for nearly $30,000 brand new! At only $12,500 including local, ground floor delivery, tuning and a five year warranty this is an incredible value!

If you are searching for a NEW Steinway, Boston or Essex piano you should really consider a preowned instrument. In most cases, the instruments that Dave’s Piano acquires are absolutely flawless. These pianos come out of multi million dollar Tampa Bay homes, and are usually sold only because the original owner is downsizing.

Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay has the ability to ship any piano they sell world wide! If you live in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Orlando or anywhere in Florida; you will certainly want to stop by for a visit to see the impressive collection of pianos.

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Beautiful Boston Baby Grand Piano - Like NEW only $8900!

Beautiful Boston Baby Grand Piano - Like NEW only $8900!

Boston Baby Grand Piano

Baby Grand Piano