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5’3” Yamaha Baby Grand Piano – Made in Japan NOT Indonesia! | $9800


Do not spend $12,000 – $15,000 on a new Indonesian built, Yamaha 5’ GB1 baby grand piano! Not only do 5’ baby grand pianos  sound lack luster in the middle/upper registers, and have a tubby bass, as a result of short strings and small soundboards;  the GB1,  5’ Yamaha baby grand does not even have a sostenuto pedal or a an adjustable (front to back) music desk!

Additionally, Yamaha’s budget models built in China and Indonesia do not do well on the secondary market and are only in existence to maximize profits off a good name with poorly designed and executed models.

Yamaha’s Japanese built pianos are far and away superior in material, design, fit and finish. The Japanese do not believe in doing things half way and do not believe in designed functional obsolescence. 

If you are in Florida, certainly in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Palm Harbor or any other city within even several hours of Dave’s Pianos Tampa Bay showrooms; you will want to visit and see hundreds of Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, Ritmuller, Pearl River and Baldwin pianos, just to name a few.  

Dave assists each guest personally. He will discuss the different quality levels which exist; or if you are looking for a preowned piano what precisely one should look for in adjudicating a used pianos condition and for valuation purposes. The hope is once you leave a DPS location you will be able to intelligently look at any piano and determine if it is a good one or not.