Best Ways To Learn Piano Faster

One of the fastest ways of learning piano is by following a structured program that guides the progressIf you have an interest in learning piano it is a great choice. It will enrich your life in several unexpected ways. To learn piano or any other musical instrument is one of the greatest decisions you can make. But you might be wondering how long it takes to learn the musical instrument? There are many videos online depicting young kids performing flawlessly, rendering music that appears to be difficult. Keep in mind that learning piano takes time and there are no shortcuts in it. However, if you follow these tips, you can tilt the gauge of time in your favor when you learn piano.

Time is an asset

Learning piano depends a great deal on the amount of time you are willing to invest in practice. In most cases to learn piano is a lifelong pursuit and it never really ends. There are several avenues you can explore and you may spend your lifetime exploring things for hours each day. Although it does not take too much time to learn the basics of playing the piano. You may learn the fundamentals such as basic finger patterns, chords, and scales and become capable of playing some songs that you may enjoy. You can learn to play by the ear by developing it and learn to play the instrument without having to read the music.

What do you need to practice?

Keep in mind that you will be able to achieve the required dexterity for the hands and fingers only when you are practicing regularly and consistently. Have a specific time reserved every day for your piano practice to improve your skills rapidly. The greater your skill level, the greater will be your capability to learn and play the instrument. You will also be able to access more material in such cases. The more the number of hours you spend practicing piano better will be the sound you are making. This knowledge will push you further to work harder.

Memorize all notes

To learn piano and any music you need to approach it similar to learning a language. There is always a new alphabet to learn apart from learning the finger placements on the piano keyboard that will correspond to the newer letters. You need to spend time learning about these letters and the corresponding keys of the piano as a first step towards learning piano. If you are not aware of sounds, how can you learn the instrument? You will quickly find out that many patterns repeat over the keyboard. After you have learned it, you would have unlocked the mystery of the instrument.

Using a program or an app

One of the fastest ways of learning piano is by following a structured program that guides the progress. It will not take up a lot of time just around 10 to 20 minutes every day. However, a structured program you can follow is designed by music professionals and teachers and it allows you to achieve all the benefits associated with music learning. There are many apps available on the internet that are designed to give you a step-by-step program for developing your piano skills fast and simply. By using a well-designed app to learn piano you will find out that the whole process of learning piano doesn’t take all that long.

Learning basic finger patterns and chords

Your piano is full of different patterns such as a computer or a matrix. You may learn piano quickly by learning these fundamental finger patterns. There are some fundamental finger patterns while playing the piano that repeats in several different ways. Similar to this, there are also some chord patterns and progressions that give you almost hundreds of songs that may include some that are your favorites. A chord is just a blend of two or more notes played together.

The reality is that to learn piano you need just two things, having the machine available all the time and devotion to the practice. Find a piano that is suitable for you and get familiar with the new machine. You can learn the instrument via several tutorials and videos available online. You need to begin practicing each day to accelerate the learning process. Set goals such as playing in front of an audience within a couple of weeks. If you live in Tampa Bay, FL area, you can get the new piano from Dave’s Piano Showroom that is a professional place for everything related to the instrument.

Picture Credit: Crello