Why It’s Important To Practice Piano With Metronome

Practicing Piano with a MetronomeA metronome is a wooden gadget that sits by the piano. It’s a very handy practice tool that is available for a pianist. It produces a steady pulse that helps in staying in time while playing the piano. You can speed up or slow down the pulse by adjusting the tempo which is usually measured in BPM or beats per minute. Regular practice using a metronome helps in learning new songs and playing them along with other musicians. Let us discuss some important benefits of using a metronome and why it’s important to use it while practicing the piano.

When Should You Use a Metronome?

While Learning A Song For The First Time
Using an online metronome is useful when you are learning a song for the first time. Setting the BPM at a really slow tempo is important. It helps in executing the rhythms in the song accurately and imprinting them in your memory. You should set its tempo as low as possible to ensure you can play the piano without losing time or getting stuck.

After you gain confidence, you should speed up the metronome’s tempo and consequently turn it off altogether. In case a particular section of a song causes issues, you can turn the metronome back to the slow tempo. You can also practice smaller sections while giving close attention to the timing.

For Improving The Sense of Rhythm
It’s important to have a good sense of rhythm as well as inner timing when you are performing. This becomes more important when you are playing with other musicians. Your ability to play and maintain a consistent speed ensures that you stay in sync with your bandmates.

To get the feel of playing a song along with a band and evaluate your timings, try playing along with the lessons. You shouldn’t worry if you cannot keep up with the timing in your first few attempts. It’s better to stay patient and give a few more tries.

Record To A Click Track
While recording different parts of a song, either at a music studio or home by using music production software, you would require recording parts to a click track. Your confidence matters a lot along with the accuracy to ensure your parts sound are good and in time with the remaining track. You should not get overwhelmed by the thought of playing the click track but practice playing with a metronome. Your timing would surely be great to lay down different parts as their time comes.

Playing Rubato
During a performance either as a solo performer or when improvising in a band, it’s not always great to play at regular speed. The impact of a song could be better if a player speeds up or slows down the tempo. The tempo is known as Tempo Rubato and to get a better idea of the way it works, you should try out specific lessons.

Concluding Remarks
Summarizing the entire article, it’s good to remind you that no musician on this planet has the perfect timing. Even the greats like Beethoven or Bill Evans may eventually speed up or slow down if they didn’t have a metronome. Thus if you are serious about playing the piano at high levels, you should spend considerable time playing along with full bands.

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