12 Reasons people pursue being a “Pianist”

  1. pianist-123rf-15941950_sIt’s very valuable for both the body and mind to play any musical instrument. The neurological demand, stress-relieving qualities (it should have), along with the physical and neural exercises of learning and memorizing an instrument are priceless.
  1. Many people, who play instruments, let alone the Piano, are considered to be sophisticated. This can be appreciated as a dynamic added to your life in which others may consider you to be of a more desirable class or mannerism—life isn’t about being better than others, but this is about having something more or different to offer others.
  1. The brain activity, memory required, and stimulation in playing any instrument, especially the piano is good for our health. Learning such an instrument as the Piano will promote molecular growth and maintenance of our neurological cells in the brain, as well as neural waves and activities within the brain.
  1. You will find that playing the Piano leaves little opportunity to ever be bored again on those rainy days! What better activity, other than munching on in front of Netflix as so many of us enjoys doing?
  1. Possessing the ability to give back to others less fortunate, or otherwise unable to produce such a beautiful thing as music, is a fantastic reason to learn how to play the piano!
  1. Some would consider individuals whom possess instrumental skills, specifically one as sophisticated as the piano, to be borderline ‘genius’. Rather, more realistically, many who play the piano or other instruments are in fact not only most likely of a higher intellectuality, but specifically are regularly improving their intellectual skills and comprehension of both language, and brain-growth.
  1. Playing the Piano can be a great exercise, as well as physical stress reliever for the hands! This can lead to better hand muscle and bone growth, maintenance, and strength.
  1. Individuals that play the Piano are always learning something new, ranging from ways to play the piano, to new songs in perhaps a new language or place, to being inspired by a life event to do so.
  1. This should be, although #9, one of your top reasons for playing the Piano: it’s fun! It’s a great activity, can lead to increased levels of happiness, intellect as mentioned above, and offer the mind and body something new to complete and work on any time of the day, no matter the place!
  1. Many people achieve a great psychological, as well as physical satisfaction with playing the Piano, like many instruments. Many will find such a hobby or skill to be extraordinarily rewarding throughout their lives.
  1. Who do you know that doesn’t want to try, or learn how to play the Piano? The Piano is one of the most popular instruments. In fact, many would automatically associate the word Musician, statistically speaking, with a Pianist.
  1. Who doesn’t love a Pianist? Anyone whom plays the piano is guaranteed to be of a genuinely unique quality, and have much great talent and music to provide the world for it’s happiness and love to grow!

Image credit:rudall30