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Virtually NEW GL-10 Size Kawai Baby Grand Piano – $10,900

Since 1927 Kawai has built some of the world’s finest pianos in Japan.  Kawai’s quality of construction is so good, STEINWAY & SONS selected them to build their Boston series of pianos.

Kawai is the same family-owned and operated company for 93 years! They do not build motorcycles, outboard motors, band instruments, jet skis, etc, just pianos. Not being distracted in other industries has allowed Kawai to develop the industry’s most advanced action. Sticky notes are a thing of the past with all Kawai pianos.

Kawai uses a high grade of advanced materials in the fabrication of its action, which consists of 8000 individual components. Kawai is Action is not only 50% stronger, as seen through fracture load analysis, but is more than 30 times more resistant to swelling compared to a Yamaha or Steinway action, caused by temperature fluctuations and humidity.