How To Find The Right Balance To Practice Piano?

Piano Practice TipsAs we all are aware, life can be crazy. It appears as if time is speeding up and getting out of control. You could be facing new or changing responsibilities at work, or spending time with relatives and friends. The fact is that there are many events taking place around you that need your attention. You must be wondering how to find time to find the requisite time to practice piano at the moment? It is a fact that finding time to practice piano is tough. Even pros can struggle with this problem. The key to the problem is simple. You need to make time to make music. Here are some tips.

The key lies in having consistency

The key to finding time to practice piano lies in balancing the responsibilities with piano practice. If you work out for a couple of hours on a single day of the week, it doesn’t help you. But if you can work out for 30 minutes five days a week it will make you stronger. If you are looking for steady results, you are going to need consistent habits. You will enjoy greater headway when you practice piano if you can take consistent efforts no matter how much time you can spend.

Establish a schedule

Nobody is going to give you the necessary time to practice piano. You will have to find the time yourself. Therefore, establish a schedule. You can set a timer for 30 minutes each day say after dinner. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Otherwise, you can try and incorporate the piano practice time before your breakfast in the mornings. It can be perfect and consistent. After you play piano, you can move on with the rest of the day. As you have started with a creative and stress-relieving activity the day may turn out to be a great one. You can also use the lunch break, or early periods in the morning before the children wake up for practicing piano.

Develop a routine

This is similar to setting a schedule for practice time. Developing a routine for yourself is a useful strategy especially when you have limited time available for practice. If you are aware of what you will be practicing and for how long, it will become simpler to manage. In addition to that, you need to identify and isolate the things that create a skilled pianist. Developing and following a piano practice routine is a sure-fire way of achieving measurable success and targets during your progress. It will boost your confidence and raise your satisfaction level.

Get the entire family into it

When you are worried about spending family time on piano practice, just skip the worry and get the entire family involved in the endeavor. It is wonderful for the entire family to play music together and spend the time together as a single unit. In addition to this, you can let the family enjoy some of the fun aspects of playing the piano. You may get them motivated to start becoming serious about music more in their lives. You may end up having a family band.

One of the fastest ways of motivation loss when you practice piano is when you stress out during the practice and compare your skills with other popular musicians. Keep in mind that the key is in enjoying the sessions. You need to bring this feeling into playing the piano every time. These sessions should be like a game and not a daily chore. You may even end up becoming resentful of the instrument and even yourself. Avoid getting involved in this trap by not stressing out too much about these sessions. If you reside in Tampa and Brandon, FL area, and looking to buy a new piano, get in touch with Dave’s Piano Showroom for top services.

Picture Credit: Crello