Reasons For The Revival Of Vinyl Records

Reasons For The Revival Of Vinyl RecordsIn this day and age when practically all kinds of music can be played on the mobile phone, at the touch of a button, more and more youngsters are turning to vinyl records. Since the early days when recorded music was making its way, it remains a fact that one format of music has made way for another with every format promising a brighter future for the music. Of course, there were a few holdouts such as Edison Cylinder purists but overall the music lovers have gobbled up the new technology and never looked back. The vinyl records were abandoned and left for dead by the recording companies when the popularity of the CDs peaked during the late 1980s. However, in the year 2019, the vinyl records sales exceeded the revenues generated by CDs for the first time in 33 years and surprisingly the majority of the buyers were under 30. Here are some reasons why the vinyl records are making a comeback.

1. Vinyl records collection: The serious record collectors are aiding this renewed drive for the vinyl records. There is a thrill in finding a rare LP in a cardboard box inside a small record store and being able to make a valuable addition to your collection of records at home. Around 40% of the vinyl record buyers are of the age of close to 40 years. This means collecting records is an established pastime for many people that grew up with vinyl records to re-connect with their youth.

2. Quality listening experience: The way people listen to music has changed significantly thanks mainly to the massive popularity of streaming music. The computer speakers and earbuds have come to dominate but it is heartening to see the vinyl record lovers still spending time and money despite the high-tech set-ups in the home. Although the traditional experience consists of having a good turntable, stereo receiver, and a set of nice speakers, it is also about sitting down and listening carefully. It is in contrast to playing streaming music in the background while at work.

3. Better sound quality: A lot of experts feel that the old school vinyl records with analog audio provide a better sound than the digital audio. This is particularly observed in the case of CD formats utilized by the different streaming agencies. However, it is a fact that there are higher-quality playback formats available such as FLAC. However, you will need to pay more for them and they are difficult to locate. The vinyl records on the other hand are easily available online and at the local stores.

4. Tangibles: Although the subscripted streaming service proves almost uninterrupted access and convenience there is one shortcoming to it and that is ownership. You do not own the piece of music when you are playing the digital files via an app. The vinyl records on the other hand are physical items that may be collected, held in your hands, and purchased in person. You may also discuss it endlessly with fellow music lovers and record store clerks. These records also come with other tangibles such as liner notes and album artwork.

As you can see there are several good reasons why you should collect the vinyl records. Many people from all generations are looking to have a renewed outlook on the past, present, and future of music. Many people are looking at vinyl record collection as a cool and trendy effort. There are good reasons to learn to play the piano as well if you are a music lover. If you are looking to buy a piano in the Tampa, FL area make this purchase from Dave’s Piano Showroom. You can visit them for a preview today.

Picture Credit: Unsplash