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YAMAHA GB1 Baby Grand Piano – $11,900

The new Yamaha GB1 baby grand piano is overwhelmingly the best selling piano in Yamaha’s grand piano line up.

It’s affordability and 6 letter name shared by the $250,000 Yamaha concert grand accompanying Adele’s, John Legend’s, and Alicia Keys’ voices on the pop stage make it an international favorite!

Measuring 5’ this Yamaha baby grand is sure to fit in any Tampa Bay home, condo, or apartment space. Yamaha is well known for their crisp, bright tone and lighter action. This makes it a great choice for many pop, jazz, and blues pianists.

At nearly $20,000 brand new this exotic sapeli- mahogany finish is absolutely stunning! Own this virtually new Yamaha baby grand piano for just $11,900! The lowest priced, best quality preowned Yamaha baby grand pianos in Tampa Bay can ONLY be found at Dave’s Piano Showroom!