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Tampa Bay YAMAHA Baby Grand Piano | Non Gray Market – $8900

This Yamaha Baby Grand piano was owned by a Clearwater resident just outside of Tampa Bay.  The piano’s hammers reflect sub 10 years of play.  A new 5’3” Yamaha GC1, Yamaha C1 or C1X will sell for over $20,000 here in Tampa Bay.  At just $8900 this Japanese made Yamaha baby grand is an exceptional value!

As always, this is a non gray market Yamaha piano.  To read more on the topic of gray market Yamaha pianos and why it is in your best interest to avoid these instruments click on Menu, New Pianos, scroll down and click on “The truth about gray market…”

If you are considering a new or preowned Yamaha, Kawai, Boston or Essex baby grand piano, you will absolutely want to audition this fine instrument before making a purchasing decision.