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Super Ornate Upright Piano – FREE Delivery & Tuning | $3,450

Pianos do NOT get better with time!  Pianos are best when they are manufactured.  Over the course of 6-7 decades they become valueless and inadequate music instruments. This is due to the fact that pianos are under extreme high tension. Unlike a violin or cello, which can last several hundred years because it is under low tension; pianos are under a constant 40,000-50,000 pounds of tension.

Just like the top of a violin is curved for tonal projection, so too is the soundboard in a piano.  The tremendous down force caused by tightening the strings to pitch slowly causes the soundboard to go flat. This loss of crown translates to a up to 2/3 dB loss at decade 6-7.

In other words pianos start with 100% tonal projection and finishes with just a third.  Or said another way, pianos get much quieter with time. It is for this reason piano shoppers in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St  Pete and beyond should focus on a preowned piano from the 1990s or preferably the 2000s like the one featured here.

New this piano sold for just under $7,000.  At just $3,450 including local, ground floor delivery to Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete and the surrounding areas, this is a terrific value!

If you are shopping for a new or quality preowned piano in Tampa Bay, call Dave to schedule your visit at one of his convenient locations today!