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NEW White Kawai GL-10 Baby Grand Piano – Rated Higher Than the Yamaha GB1 – $17,795

The all new Kawai GL-10 is often compared to the Yamaha GB1, but is there any comparison?

The Kawai’s Millennium III action is an engineering marvel. Under fracture load analysis, the Kawai action is shown to be over 50% stronger than the wooden action like that found in a Yamaha GB1 .  Additionally, Kawai‘s action is more than 30 times resistant to swelling, as compared to a wooden action, like that found in a Yamaha GB1.  Can you think of any state in the USA, which has high moisture, and could benefit from an advanced action like that found in the Kawai GL10?

Kawai’s action is built in Japan. Yamaha‘s action is built in Indonesia.  Which would you prefer?  The Kawai music desk slides front to back. While more expensive Yamaha baby grands have an articulating music desk, the Yamaha GB1K  has a fixed, nonmoving music desk.

The Kawai GL-10 has a full sostenuto, middle pedal. While Yamaha has a full sostenuto pedal in their more expensive, Japanese made models, the Indonesian made Yamaha GB1 only has a bass sustain as its middle pedal.

The Kawai has a 10 year, full transferable warranty.  The Yamaha GB1 has a ten-year, limited non-transferable warranty.

Kawai is known for their warm, mellow, melodic tone. Yamaha is known for their sharp, bright tone.  It is easier for the human ear to listen to Michael Bublé sing for an extended period of time. It is difficult to listen to a mezzo soprano, sing for an extended periods of time. This is because ear fatigue is a real thing.  Kawai‘s tone never offends the ear, no matter how long you listen to it.  Yamaha’s crisp, sharp tone is best enjoyed in small doses.

So is there really any comparison between the Kawai GL 10 vs. Yamaha GB1?  You decide.