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NEW 2023 Kawai K400 in Ebony Polish – $11,795

The 48” Yamaha U1 has been a studio upright piano leader for many years with the Yamaha U3 being very close in popularity.

The Kawai K400’s all-new design will undoubtedly dethrone all other Japanese studio models. The K400 is based on Kawai’s award-winning K300 model with several enhancements.

Separation – the failure in the U1 and the U3 design by Yamaha what is the music desk is placed entirely too closely to the keyboard. When a pianist is performing vigorously, fingers can collide with this foldable music desk resulting in significant injury to the pianist’s fingers. If you look at the design of a grand piano, the keyboard and music desk are separated by a great distance, ensuring unobstructive access to the keys.

In the all new Kawai K400 studio upright piano, the music desk design is remarkably similar in design and perfectly mimics the utility and function of a music desk found on a grand piano. Additionally, the articulating music rack is adjustable with ventilation vents directly behind the music allowing for additional dB to be released from the K400’s large cabinet.

Moreover, grand-style fallboards, which as the name suggests, fall over the keys is the most intelligently designed key cover system. Since the late 1990s, Kawai has utilized hydraulic mechanisms to slowly control the decent of their fallboards. This protects little piano playing fingers, which previously could be injured by slamming fallboards.

Modern Design – The all new Kawai K400 has a modern sleek design. Gone is the traditional, high polish, and satin brass hardware. In its place, is brushed nickel and chrome giving the K400 a clean, contemporary look.

Superior Movement – The action of a piano consists of up to 12,000 individual wooden parts. On the golf course one spring morning, a top engineer with Kawai removed his golf club and was struck by the reality that once upon a time his club would have been made of wood. He thought to himself this is no longer the case, but why?

Pondering on this idea while walking the undulating greens, he was able to think of dozens of industries that moved away from wood, towards more advanced materials.

Kawai’s Millennium III ABS Carbon action is over 50% stronger than a traditional wooden action, as shown by fracture load analysis. Subjecting wooden actions to 90 and 100% humidity swelled the wooden action by over 5% in size, after only 24 hours of exposure. In contrast, Kawai’s original ABS Styran action expanded by only .16% thus being more than 30 times more resistant to swelling than a traditional wooden action.

Japanese Design and Construction – Far too many models by respectable piano makers like Yamaha or Steinway no longer build the bulk of their line in their country of origin. Chinese, Indonesia, and Taiwanese made pianos have been in circulation long enough to see that they simply do not hold up as well of time as compared to their Japanese or American counterparts. The Kawai K400 is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Japan ensuring your Kawai will have multigenerational longevity.

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