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NEW Kawai 506 Upright Piano – Considered Superior To The Yamaha B2 And B1 Piano – $5,990

The Kawai 506 has been the overwhelming Piano of choice for Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk county schools for the last nearly 30 years!

School, churches and institutions select Kawai not just for their ultra, responsive keyboard and warm, melodic, singing tone; but especially for Kawai’s ABS action.

Nearly 50 years ago Kawai solved the inevitable problem of the sticky key. Sluggish and sticky keys are a direct result of moisture in a piano’s action.   Comparing a Kawai action to a Yamaha action, the results are quite stark.  

Under fracture load analysis, a Yamaha wooden flange breaks at 61.2 pounds in contrast, a Kawai ABS flange breaks at 102.5 pounds, making Kawai’s action nearly 50% stronger.!  The main reason why Kawai uses ABS is not for its strength, because, as it turns out, wood is sufficiently strong.  Kawai uses ABS, because it is more than 30 times resistant to swelling, then comparable wooden parts!

If we expose Yamaha or Steinway action to 90-100% moisture for one to two days, these actions swell by over 5% in size.  Kawai‘s action swells by only .16%, making them more than 30 times resistant to swelling as compared to a traditional piano action.

Visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay, to experience what most consider to be the world’s most advanced piano.