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2023 Chrome/Silver Edition Baby Grand Piano by Steinway & Sons’ Official Piano Builder ( Essex) $13,900

If you want a modern statement piece this is it!

Steinway does not know how to scale up production, so they chose two piano manufacturers which do know how to build pianos at scale; Kawai (Boston line) and Pearl River (Essex line) have graciously agreed to share their building techniques with Steinway. This relationship is decades long and is mutually beneficial for both companies.

Observation: Both Kawai and Pearl River only build pianos. Therefore, they derive 100% of their annual revenue building only one product. It only makes logical sense that Kawai and Pearl River build the best possible product they can for themselves, which bear the factory name Kawai or Pearl River.

Why pay more to get a Boston piano? Just buy a Kawai which builds the Boston. Why pay more for an Essex? Own a Pearl River, which manufactures the Essex. Remember, made up brands, often referred to as stencil pianos, such as the Boston and Essex cost more because Kawai and Pearl River charge a hefty fee to access their workforce and material suppliers.

If you are considering a Yamaha, Kawai, Boston, Essex or Steinway baby grand piano you will want to audition this fine instrument at Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.