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Like NEW Player Baby Grand Piano – Self Playing Piano Controlled by iPhone, iPad, Android, Etc. – $13,500

This piano is equipped with a self-playing system that is invisible and controlled using one’s phone or tablet.

Stream music to the piano for FREE 24/7, 365!

New – $25,000

Just – $13,500

History and Overview:

Self-playing baby grand pianos, also known as player pianos, have been around for over a century and have undergone significant advancements in technology. These pianos use a mechanical or electronic system to play the piano automatically, without the need for a human pianist.

One of the main advantages of a self-playing baby grand piano is that it allows for continuous, uninterrupted music. This makes them ideal for background music in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. They can also be used in homes as a decorative piece of furniture that doubles as a musical instrument.

The mechanical player piano uses a system of perforated paper rolls, which are inserted into the piano and read by a set of mechanical sensors. The sensors then activate the appropriate keys and pedals, allowing the piano to play the music on the roll. Electronic player pianos, on the other hand, use a digital system that reads and plays the music stored on a computer or digital storage device.

One of the latest advancements in self-playing baby grand pianos is the ability to connect to the internet and stream music. This allows for an almost infinite selection of songs to be played, as well as the ability to play live performances from professional pianists.

Self-playing baby grand pianos are also available in a hybrid form, where a traditional piano action is combined with a digital player system. These pianos offer the best of both worlds, allowing for the feel and touch of a traditional piano, while also providing the convenience and versatility of a digital player system.

In conclusion, self-playing baby grand pianos have come a long way since their invention. With advancements in technology, they now offer a wide range of features and capabilities that make them an attractive option for both public spaces and homes. Whether you’re looking for background music or a unique piece of furniture, a self-playing baby grand piano may be a perfect choice.

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