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Like NEW Kawai RX-1 5’5″ Grand Piano – $11,500

Kawai has been building quality pianos in Japan since 1927. It is rare for a piano company to be run and operated by the same family for several generations. Even Steinway has changed hands several times.

Speaking of Steinway, it is worth mentioning that Steinway chose Kawai in 1992 to build their Boston series of pianos. Kawai remains the Official Builder for Steinway’s Boston line of pianos. Yamaha can not make this claim.

This piano has only had one owner and is showroom condition. The pianist moved out and off to college and the empty nesters have decided to downsize. New this piano would be roughly $30,000. Own the best piano out of Japan for just a third of its new value!

The sale includes delivery, piano servicing and a warranty. Call or text Dave at 813-293-0838 to view this and it’s fine pianos.

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Like NEW Kawai RX-1 5'5″ Grand Piano - $11,500 Like NEW Kawai RX-1 5'5″ Grand Piano Kawai RX-1 5'5″ Kawai RX-1 5'5″ Grand Piano - $11,500 Kawai Grand Pianos Grand Pianos for sale Grand Pianos for sale Kawai RX-1 5'5″ Grand Piano - $11,500