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Like NEW KAWAI Baby Grand Piano – Same Size As GL-10 – ONLY $11,500

Kawai has produced some of the world’s highest  caliber pianos since 1927.  For nearly 100 years Kawai has been the same family owned and operated piano manufacturer in Japan.

Kawai is most well known for solving for the inevitable sticky key over 50 years ago, with the use of ABS Styran in the fabrication of their action parts.

ABS is more than 30 times resistant to swelling than comparable wooden parts and shown to be 50% stronger under fracture load analysis.

Seeing Kawai great innovations, material selection, and incredibly tight tolerances is likely what drew Steinway & Sons attention to the Kawai brand in 1991.

Kawai graciously agreed to help Steinway reach new economic prosperity and agreed to build their new made up line of Boston pianos. For over 30 years Kawai continues to be the main supporting structure that undergirds Steinway’s success.

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