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Handmade German Baby Grand Piano – Built By Bechstein! $7,500

In the 1990s Bechstein, the world’s highest rated piano then and now, wanted to construct a la petite size baby grand piano. Because a pianos tone is directly correlated to the surface area of the soundboard and the string length, Bechstein was reluctant to build such a small piano bearing their name.

To solve this problem the Zimmerman name was used on all apartment size baby grand pianos built and offered by Bechstein. These instruments were handmade in Leipzig, Germany to Bechstein’s unmatched industry standards.

A new Grotian, Sauter, Bluthner, Schimmel, Petrof, Steinway or Bechstein of this size today would cost nearly $100,000.  At only $7500 this is your chance to own top notch German quality for the price of a piano from Asia.