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Brand NEW Ritmüller UH-121 in Ebony Polish – Singled Out For Praise As “Musical Standout” and “Good Value” by Larry Fine!

Ritmuller pianos are some of the world’s finest made. They were designed by Lothar Thomma using a high density of European componentry, and painstakingly constructed using only highly skilled craftsmanship.

Please view the attached photo for the Ritmüller UH-121, recipient of “musical standout” status by Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book. Fine writes “one of our favorite vertical pianos at this price point”. In addition to being a “musical standout” the Ritmüller 121 was also selected as “Good Value”. Not even the Yamaha U1 achieved this high honor! Despite this fact,the Ritmüller UH-121 sells for thousands less than the Yamaha U1.

Puzzled? So are we.

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