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2022 KAWAI GX-5 ( 6’7” ) Grand Piano

The 6’7” Kawai, GX-5 is the perfect performance grade grand piano. With a prodigious bass, smooth melodic tenor, and a clear treble, this instrument is guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning ears.

The Millennium III action is art in motion and an engineering marvel. For decades Kawai has incrementally improved the performance, stability, and strength of the piano action. In 2022 Kawai has reached its zenith in complete piano design.

Kawai combines the exclusive Millennium III grand piano action (with carbon composite parts), moisture-absorbent NEOTEX™ key surfaces, extended key sticks for greater control, and mahogany hammers for a lighter, faster keystroke. Together, these components provide unmatched tone and responsiveness allowing the performer to communicate the intimate musical nuances of the heart with precision, passion, and ease.

If you are in Tampa, Clearwater, or within a reasonable driving distance of our showrooms, we invite you to experience Kawai at Dave’s Piano Showroom; which those in the know consider being at the pinnacle in piano performance and design.