What To Look For In Buying A Piano

Purchasing a piano for your home or business is just like any other big furniture item albeit that it’s one that calls for fine tuning, no pun intended.

Pianos come in a large variety of sizes and quality. First thing is to look for what you have a need for. Don’t go whole hog getting the most expensive looking thing as it might be more than you can handle. Be realistic and look at your needs are and your budget will allow. Take into account also that you need someone in the know or you may end up with a piano that is of less quality.

You may ask, “How can I tell if a used piano is in good condition?”. Well, that answer is simple, bring someone who knows. There should be Registered Piano Technician in your area just check the web or yellow pages of your phone book. They’ll have a list of pianos for sale or they might allow themselves to be hired to inspect one you’re interested in. This is important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Reason being is that most piano purchases can be an investment as some grow in value. In this case you want an expert to look over the used piano as they may find bonuses you’re unaware of as well as detrimental ones. Knowing pianos well, an expert or even a friend who is savvy in pianos can find a real gem or diamond in the rough.

Making the decision of either a new or used piano is one that should be made based on budget and need. Sure a new piano may cost more, but if it’s an award winner it may grow in value and you’re looking at an heirloom in the making. If you’ve got beginners at the house then a used piano might be the call to order until the practitioner becomes more professional. Then upgrade to a newer piano down the road.

Finally, you’re going to inspect a used piano for things such as the finish, the keys, to see if seals and wear and tear have taken root. You don’t want to buy a worn out piano and spend a small fortune fixing it up. As for a new piano the advantage is the warranty. Sure it costs a bit more but at least you’re protected.

So again, buying a piano whether new or used calls for careful planning, using someone in the know, and looking to the future for the best use in the long run.