Trendy Tips For Your Piano

Trendy Tips For Your PianoPianos look great in homes. They can be very stylish and trendy while lending enjoyment to those around them. These musical instruments can be the focal point of a room in a home or can be pushed off the side while still being a main attraction in the room. Here are the best ways you can decorate with your musical keys!

One of the best tips that anyone can offer is to put the piano in a place with humidity and temperature are consistent. A piano can be easily damaged over time if there are extreme temperature or humidity changes. It is best not to put your piano in the basement. Basements are known to have high humidity levels, which can crack or damage your prize possession.

If you love to play the piano or listen to it, you should plan a spot where there is a good seating arrangement. The furniture can be placed around the piano to draw the focus of the room on this. Perhaps you want to place your piano in the center of the room if the room is large, placing sofas on either or both sides of it. You may wish to have comfy chairs to sit in while relaxing to the musical joy of this instrument. You may even want to personalize the room with your musical style to showcase your piano even further.

If you do not want to place the instrument in the center of the room, consider placing it to one side or the other. The other side can be for conversation while the instrument is being played. Have a cozy couch and a few big chairs with pillows for easy listening.

Perhaps you wish to create a new room in your home for playing the piano but do not have any extra rooms available. If you do not use the living room or den very often, consider making this the music room. Placing this in the front of the house will mean that it will not easily disturb others when being played.

You can also modernize your piano if it is big and bulky. Look for a corner in your home that is rather deep and places the piano there. Then decorate around it with frames and a vase or two of fresh flowers.

If you are really into musicians and music, consider placing your piano against a wall with several photos of musicians. You may even want to go one step further and have pictures of you with that musician or autographed photos of them. If you like the idea of photos but do not have enough to fill the wall, consider framing pictures of yourself playing the piano or framing sheet music to your favorite songs or songs that have meaning to you.

If you are interested in decorating around your piano, but still are not sure about ideas, consider visiting a showroom, such as Dave’s Piano Showroom. Here you will not only find gorgeous pianos but also have access to many piano services.

Picture Credit: Mariamichelle