GX BLAK Series


Sometimes the discerning pianist needs more from a piano. More dynamic range, more assertiveness, more sensitivity, more control… more of everything that makes possible the full range of human emotions in musical terms. That’s why we created the GX BLAK Performance Series Grand Pianos. They provide more to the artist. And, accordingly, we invest more — more time in the design process, more costly materials, more effort and attention in every stage of the crafting process. It takes a great deal more to produce a GX BLAK Series piano. But the results speak for themselves… and for the player. The GX BLAK Series pianos provide everything an artist needs to achieve and express at the highest level.


GX BLAK Series grand pianos are endowed with important enhancements that elevate performance and optimize touch and tone. Together, these attributes expand the range of artistic possibilities and help to explain why the GX BLAK Series instruments are counted among the finest pianos in the world.


Some of more advanced elements of the GX BLAK Series include our exclusive NEOTEX™ keys, lightweight mahogany hammer mouldings, our “Konsei Katagi” inner rim with blended laminations of dense hardwood, the exclusive Hard Finish Music Rack, an adjustable padded bench and a myriad of exquisite stylistic touches that elevate the aesthetic appeal of every GX BLAK instrument.


Tradition and technology are indispensable elements of piano tone. Tradition lays the foundation for our distinctive tonal character. Technology empowers it with life, breadth, and depth that lasts from generation to generation.


The exclusive technology in our revolutionary Millennium III Action creates long-term precision that produces the most stable touch and tone in the piano industry. You will sense and appreciate its consistency with every keystroke.


The strength of a well-crafted instrument makes the piano one of the most impressive examples of technology, engineering and craftsmanship in the world today. GX BLAK Series Grand Pianos are designed with tremendous strength to ensure stability of tone and touch over time.


In the Japanese language, the word “kuro” (BLAK) suggests refinement and nobility. With regal tone and noble presence, the GX BLAK Series captivates with refined character that is both seen and heard.


The following videos will explain why the GX BLAK Series Grand Pianos are the most technologically-advanced pianos in the world.