How to Safely Move a Piano

How to Safely Move a PianoYou may not think that moving your piano by yourself would be very difficult. However, when you stop to think about the emotions and money you have tied to this instrument, you may want to think twice. After all, there are many things you need to think about with piano moving.

Considering Your Piano’s Weight

Pianos are top heavy with legs that are both light and delicate. This is important to understand, if you want to successfully move your piano because you must maintain this balance throughout the entire piano moving process. Not only is this important so you don’t scratch or dent its surface but also so you keep all its inner intricacies untouched. Of course, you also want your team of piano movers to be safe and not have a heavy piano fall on them, causing some really serious injuries.

Assembling and Preparing the Right Team of Piano Movers

Anyone who still wants to move their own piano should assemble a team of at least four people – two for lifting the piano itself and two for handling the equipment and guiding the movers around corners, into your truck. Before everyone gets started, make sure they aren’t wearing anything that’s long or dangles because these things could become tangled in your piano and cause damage.

Preparing Your Piano to be Moved

It’s also important to have some piano moving equipment ready to use, including:

  • Heavy-duty furniture straps so you can safely and easily lift and carry the piano
  • Two furniture dollies so you can roll the piano across flat surfaces – the piano’s metal casters are delicate and won’t stably hold the piano’s weight for more than a few inches
  • Tools to take the piano’s legs apart so you can move them separately
  • Heavy blankets to warp around the piano’s body so you don’t accidentally scratch it and to stuff inside the piano itself for extra protection
  • Tape to hold the blankets in place and the lid closed

Moving the Piano

Now that you know what it takes to move the piano, the actual process of piano moving will require a few special considerations of its own, including:

  • Your top priority is keeping your piano balanced so it doesn’t suffer internal damage.
  • Make sure to slowly traverse any bumps, one wheel at a time.
  • Load the bass keys side of your piano onto the truck first because it’s somewhat heavier.
  • Place the piano as deep inside of your truck as possible then surround it with as many boxes and miscellaneous items as possible to keep it snugly supported and prevent it from moving while you’re driving.
  • Know where you want to put your piano in your new home before having your piano movers move it off of your moving truck.

Doing Yourself a Favor: Hiring Piano Movers

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Picture Credit: frankvellis