Some Amazing Advantages of Learning Piano & Other Musical Instruments

Some Amazing Advantages of Learning Piano & Other Musical InstrumentsFor years, knowledge of musical instruments and specialization in music was believed to be the pillars of classical education. However, the present generation of music enthusiasts has managed to elucidate the emotional and psychological responses of music. If we go back in history, we would learn that music reflected the mysteries of the universe, and its existence was recognized by civilizations.

Sadly, limited inclusion of music in today’s general public-school curriculums has reduced the number of people having expertise and knowledge about the power, history, or depth of music. Additionally, this exclusion has robbed children of several key developmental strengths that come with music education.

Besides creating joy, strengthen your hand muscles, or improving your hand-eye coordination, there are several other benefits of learning piano or other musical instruments. Let’s look at some of the advantages of learning music.

Increases IQ & Boosts Academic Performance

Yes, it’s true! You will come across numerous texts and researches advocating that music can help in increasing IQ levels and helping you perform better in studies. It also has the power to instill a sense of self-confidence and achievement. Playing different instruments in groups helps you develop a healthier and more fulfilling social life.

Going through the Mozart Effect you will learn that listening to Mozart can boost spatial intelligence. As per research, playing piano exercises different parts of the brain leading to an increase in IQ levels in both adults and children. Another research suggests learning piano plays as an effective antidote to memory loss or multiple mental deteriorations among adults.

Music is a Universal Language

Music is regarded as a universal language as each culture or civilization has a form of musical expression. Several studies have shown a direct relationship between music and a child’s language development. It indicates that music helps them in learning to read, write and even socialize. Playing piano can increase brain activity and assist to learn foreign languages.

Improve Multi-Tasking Abilities

When learning piano, the most difficult part is to develop coordination between the left and right hands when reading the music sheets. With time and patience, you do master this skill which eventually means that you improve your ability to multi-task. It will help you in splitting your concentration and improving your hand coordination.

Generates Growth

Playing musical instruments supports having higher levels of human growth hormones. As per a study at the University of Miami, a group of people was tested for their keyboard lessons. The results showed that the entire group comparatively had increased energy levels which prevented them from issues like aches or pains. It meant that playing the piano can help in reducing your blood pressure, easing your heart health, strengthening your immune system, and contributing towards body repair and replenishing the same.

Leaves a Calming Effect

Music has the power to soothe your spirits. You may come across several metaphorical stories where music was used to tame a beast. In today’s times, music is believed to have the power to make you feel relaxed, less stressed, and take a break from crazy lifestyles.

Hence, without breaking any sweat you can reduce your stress. Experts have also concluded that it can lower blood pressure too. But to get the most from learning a piano, it is important to learn from experienced and qualified teachers. If you thinking of purchasing a new or a used piano contact Dave’s Piano Showroom to schedule an appointment with Dave. Dave’s Piano Showroom is the only technician owned and operated store serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hernando and Manatee counties

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