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2023 Baby Grand Piano by Steinway’s Official Piano Builder (Essex Piano Line) – $9,995

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty!!!

In 2001 Steinway launched the Essex line of pianos, rather unsuccessfully. Some experts say Young Chang was not up to the task of producing a premium quality piano which Steinway required. In 2006 Steinway & Sons teamed up with the world’s largest manufacturer of pianos, Pearl River. Steinway chose Pearl River in part because they are known for producing some of the world’s finest pianos. This relaunch was VERY successful because Pearl River had the level of refinement, tooling, and know how necessary to meet S & S’s manufacturing challenges.

You can now own a 2023 by Pearl River baby grand piano for $9,995. The list price is roughly $16,500. Pearl River pianos naturally rate equal to Steinway’s Essex line but are considered to be a significantly better value. This is due to the fact that P.R. pianos sell for thousands less than the Essex. Why? Allow me to explain. Pearl River either builds the Essex then sells it to Steinway for a profit or charges Steinway a fee to build. The details of this arrangement are unclear. Steinway then sells the Essex to their dealers for a profit. Finally, dealers sell the Essex to the consumer for a profit. This triple mark-up pricing structure is not conducive to achieving a low price.

I purchase directly from Pearl River eliminating the middle man, thus saving you $$$$. In addition, I have a SUPER low overhead business philosophy which allows me to sell for less than ANY piano dealer in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, and beyond! In fact, I offer the only LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE in Tampa Bay.

On a side note: If you want to buy the smallest Essex baby grand piano, how much do you think you will have to pay? $16,000!!!! Why would anyone pay double to get virtually the same instrument?

Lastly, here is a thought experiment for those who have read this far. Would any manufacturer, which derives 100% of their revenue manufacturing a product, produce a superior version of exact same product for a competitor?

Answer: Absolutely Not!!!

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