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Galileo Digital Piano

The digital piano market is the fastest growing sector in the piano industry today. There are many benefits to owning a digital piano such as eliminating the need of tuning and maintenance, as well as developing young pianist ears to a perfect pitch level.

There are however drawbacks that I feel should be pointed out. The digital piano construction is comprised almost exclusively of saw dust, saw mill shavings and wood chips, compacted under high amounts of pressure and bound together by resins, better know as particleboard. In most cases the questionable furniture that one buys at IKEA (made of MDF) are substantially better than the most popular digitals produced today by Clavinova and Kawai. Dave sells the Italian made Galileo digital piano which uses traditional piano building practices. You will NOT find particle board in the Galileo digitals that Dave sells!

The finish on a wood tone digital piano, is a picture of a pattern of wood, printed on a skin like material that is glued onto the particleboard. Repairing this material is impossible.

The lifespan of a digital piano is only 5-20 years. When compared to an acoustic piano lasting over 100 years, it is easy to see why a majority of piano buyers still choose a traditional piano. Digital pianos do not last long for a number of reasons. Inside a digital there are circuit boards, amplification systems, wiring and other electronic components. It looks not dissimilar to a hard drive in your home pc. When the power is turned on, a tremendous amount of heat is released. This wears down the internals and is why cell phone, computers, tv’s, dvd players and other electronic devices have a such short lifespans. If you are one of the lucky ones and your digital last ten or mores years; you now have a piece of equipment that is outdated and functionally obsolescent. Moore’s law observed that transistors and integrated circuits double every two years. This is clearly apparent in the rapid change seen in digital piano and computer technology.

Galileo Digital Pianos

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