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Kawai Baby Grand – Several Finishes To Choose

Kawai Baby Grand - Several Finishes To Choose From Only $7,488
We have several finishes to choose from. Dave’s Piano Showroom has purchased these units brand  new from  Kawai!  

The MSRP on these Kawai baby grand pianos are $15,000.  The sale INCLUDES A WARRANTY from Kawai, TUNING and DELIVERY!

If you are considering a Steinway, Yamaha, Boston or Essex you need to audition this piano before you buy.

Dave’s Piano Showroom was an authorized Kawai dealer for many years. Materials and workmanship by Kawai’s competitors such as Ritmuller and Perzina surpassed many of Kawai’s models, In Dave’s opinion. Dave now carries these exciting lines of pianos. We are no longer a Kawai dealer but we still have a tremendous selection of remaining units. Since Kawai warranties convey from owner to owner; you WILL receive factory warranty!